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Black Couple
Cape Town. Mixed couple.
African American Couple at Music Festival
African American Couple as Philanthropists Dedicating Housing Project
A Black Muslim Couple with Their Baby on the Street
Portrait of a couple from Orano, assuming a pose.
Indian couples linked at wrists chase ball during game
PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 2015. Old couple kissing.
PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 2015. Old couple kissing.
David Alan Harvey
PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 2015. Old couple kissing.
PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 2015. Old couple kissing. ©David Alan Harvey/Magnum Photos/Autograph Media
USA. NYC. Harlem. A couple on 125th street.
A newly wed couple, from the Juvenile Home, sit to
HIV Positive Gay Couples Dancing in South Africa
Last Couple to be Married Under Public Law 717
Interracial Couple
CUBA. Havana. December 27, 2014. A married couple in Centro Habana.
USA. New York City. 1983. A mixed-race couple in Central Park.
A newlywed couple and their families pose for a group portrait
SPAIN.  Barcelona.  1997.  A playful couple at the Baja beach club.
A young couple on the train from Trincomalee to Gal Oya...
CUBA. Trinidad. 1998. An elderly couple stand at their front door.
USA. New York City. 1986. Young couple under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Bollywood golden couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai talking to journalists at the green carpet for the IIFA Awards in Sheffield, Yorkshire
USA. Nevada. Las Vegas. 1997. A couple on their wedding day at the Littel White Chapel.
CUBA. Old Havana. 1998. A Cuban couple dances in the street outside a tourist-only nightclub.
USA. Daytona Beach, Florida. 1999. A couple fools around on the beach during spring break.
Mixed Race Couple
Tunisia.  Tunis.  Traditionally crafted puppets for sale in a small square where a modern Tunisian couple
Afrikaner Couple, in Traditional 'Boer' outfits, Riding an Oxwagon
CUBA. Valle de Vinales. 1998. A Cuban couple at the Hotel Horizontes. © David Alan Harvey/Magnum Photos
HAITI. Leogane. November, 2012. A couple walks through a flooded avenue in the Haitian city of Leogane, ca
A wedding ceremony at the Palacio de las Novias, a building where couples get married. Centro Havana, Cuba
Seattle, Washington. 1991. Oblivious to a bystander, a couple shares an intimate moment near the Space Nee
EGYPT. Cairo. December, 2012. A couple with their child walk down an overpass highway in the Imbaba distri
EGYPT. Cairo. November 27, 2012. A couple runs through a cloud of tear gas at the scene of clashes between
Couple Relaxing in Battery Park
A couple kissing during the religious procession in honor of St. Lazarus (Babalu Aye' in the Yoruba tradit
Wartime Couple Sharing a Soda
A wedding ceremony at the Palacio de las Novias, a building where couples get married. Centro Havana, Cuba
CUBA. Santiago de Cuba. January 2008. A couple watching a shop window in Santiago.
Berber couples waiting to be married, Imilchil,Morocco
CUBA. Havana.1994. A couple waits at a bus stop.
128701.CA.0927.BUCKET. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star as an odd couple in the film The Bucke
Human Rights Activists Protest Jailing of Gay Couple
CUBA. Guantanamo. June 28, 2008.  A couple dance Cuban salsa at a resort in Guantanamo. For almost 50 year
CUBA. Havana. 1998. A young couple on their rooftop work space.
USA. Florida. Daytona Beach. 1999. A couple dancing in the surf.
MAURITIUS. 1992. Port Louis. Muslim wedding. The newly married couple back at home.
TANZANIA. Zanzibar. A couple and a child on a scooter. The woman wears the niqab.
USA. Daytona Beach, Florida. 1999. White couple sunbathes in the midst of black spring breakers.
EGYPT. Cairo. April 4, 2011. A couple sits near a panorama in Cairo depicting Egypt's war with Israel.
PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 2015. Liaryz and couple at El Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan.
USA. New York City. September 11, 2003. Couple embraces under an American flag at Ground Zero at the secon
USA. Daytona Beach, Florida. 1999. A white couple passes a group of black youth on spring break.
Africa.  Rwanda.  Kibangiro. A couple hold hands in a displaced persons camp on the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda
Algeria - Annaba
Royal Couple In India
HAITI  Port-au-Prince, Haiti. January 18, 2010.  A couple walks hand in hand through a devastated area in do
The Eunuch community in India
Iranian society
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perry Loving
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