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JAMAICA. Kingston. 1976. The Gun Court.
Three Black Panthers Handcuffed
President Obama Speaks In The East Room Of White House On Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence
Photo of Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley
Photo of Cannonball ADDERLEY and Julian Cannonball ADDERLEY
A Zairian Tutsi rebel child soldier hold
Zairian Tutsi rebel children soldiers pl
Fall of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Fighting of the F.
(FILES) This file picture taken 29 May 1
Vintage Print
Vintage Print
Margaret Bourke-White
Vintage Print
December 1947: Pathan small arms factory where Pakistani is working on a lathe to make barrel of an artillery...
Vintage Print
Dennis Banks
A child soldier poses with a libyan helm
James Chickerima Addresses Villagers
Algerian FLN Refugees Marching In Tunisia, 1961
Civil War In Rwanda
Rwandan Man Holding Assault Rifle
Two Congolese army soldiers take position with the
Congolese Child Soldier Carrying AK 47 Rifle
EPLF Fighter
Black Marine Corps Training WW11
Photo of Cannonball ADDERLEY
Photo of Adderley Brothers 1
Photo of Adderley Brothers 4
Portrait With A Cigarette
Stephen Baldwin And Laurence Fishburne In 'Fled'
British History. Illustration. The war in the Sudan. (1883-1885). British troops in action at the Battle of El Teb against fierce tribesmen on February 29th 1884.
Armed Man
Civil War Breaks Out In Rwanda
American troops haul an artillery gun on a beach at Fedala
Rebel Soldiers Topple Government
A child from the Mai-Mai militia pokes his assault
Zairean Armed Forces soldiers celebrate
African-American Protester
Union Infantry Corporal Holding Revolver
Portrait of a Negro Union Infantry Corporal
Black Panthers at California State Capitol
Mozambican sculptor Goncalo Mabunda poses 17 Janua
EPLF Women
Learning Under Duress
Armed Man near Burning Truck in Thokoza
Armed Man near Burning Truck in Thokoza
Firing Powder Guns at Great Trek Reenactment
Tank Rolling Through City Street
Guerrillas of the Hizbul Mujahideen
Pakistani Refugees
A cannon passes by a portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinn
World War II. February 1945. India+s fighting men, a rating of the Royal Indian navy.
American Indian Protest
Liberation War of Bangladesh
Liberation War of Bangladesh
Liberation War of Bangladesh
Liberation War 1971
Liberation War of Bangladesh
Photo of Sam JONES and Cannonball ADDERLEY and Joe ZAWINUL and Louis HAYES
USA - Gang Sign Culture in Los Angeles
Rebel militiamen belonging to the Somali National
Rebels train in 1966 in an unlocated pla
A FANT (National Armed Forces of Chad) s
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