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Portrait of Actor Denzel Washington
Oxford Literary Festival
Hazel Garland
Native American Students at Haskell Institute
Tutsi Refugees Camp
Boys with Courier
Portrait Of Gordon Parks
JLS 2010 UK Tour - Dress Rehearsal
Sam Cooke Lines Up A Shot
Protesters Being Attacked
Protesters Being Attacked
Afro Newspaper\/Gado
Protesters Being Attacked
African-American protesters being attacked by police dog in a street during segregation demonstrations,...
Rwandan Refugee Child
Biko Addresses SASO Conference
Portrait Of V.S. Naipaul
Pakistani Boy Holds Portrait Of Bin Laden In Protest Against US-Led Attack On Afghanistan
Rosa Parks At Work
London Celebrity Sightings -  April 7, 2016
Coretta Scott King Speaking in Support of Feminism
Young Women Singing At The March On Washington
Men At Tule Lake Internment Camp
Miles Davis On 'The Sound Of Miles Davis'
Miles Davis On 'The Sound Of Miles Davis'
Miles Davis On 'The Sound Of Miles Davis'
Eldridge Cleaver In NYC
'Kidnapped' Poster At Black Panther Rally
AFRICA. Kenya. 2011.
TUNISIA. Ras Jedir Border Crossing. February 24, 2011. Clouds are reflected off the window of a bus carryi
LIBYA. March 20, 2011. Pro-Qaddafi tanks destroyed by a French airstrikes lie on the road to Ajdabia, south of Benghazi.
LIBYA. Outskirts of Zawiyah. March 9, 2011. Supporters of Libyan leader Colonel Qaddafi gather in a football field in a suburb of the besieged city of Zawiyah where government minders took a group of
TUNISIA. Ras Jedir Border Crossing. March 3 , 2011. Egyptian workers who had been residing in Libya cross the border into Tunisia.  They were deperate to get onto a bus after days of traveling to esca
EGYPT. Cairo. February 11, 2011. Egyptians celebrate the announcement that President Mubarak is stepping d
LIBYA. Tripoli. February 26, 2011. A family member faints during the funeral of 44-year-old Anwar Elgadi in the Tajura neighborhood of Tripoli. Mr. Elgadi was shot in the head and killed on Friday dur
USA. Tucson, Arizona. May 19, 2011. Na-il.
LIBYA. Tripoli. March 24, 2011. Men carry the coffin of an alleged civilian victim of air strikes before a
KENYA. Nairobi. A pregnant woman in labour at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital. 2009
Tripoli, Libya. March 22, 2011.    Libyan men working for the foreign press office survey the damage to a de
Tripolli, Libya, Fishing boat harbour, mending nets
USA. Mississippi. 2013. Teppo.
LIBYA. Tripoli. March 31, 2011. Pro-Qaddafi supporters willingly acting as human shields rally in suport o
LIBYA. Zawiyah. April 5, 2011.  Children run through a street in Zawiyah. The city was the scene of fighti
Zarzis, Tunisia, April 2011
SOUTH AFRICA. Johannesburg. Midrand. Ivory Park. Ecocity. Putting together a good bicycle from many parts
USA. Black Aristocracy. 1964.
USA. 2013. Cherisse (39) gave birth to her son 2002, leaving her unable to provide for herself and her son
USA. 2013. Cherisse (39) gave birth to her son 2002, leaving her unable to provide for herself and her son
USA. Philadelphia. 2012. Artist Odili Odita in his studio.(Photo by Alex Majoli and Daria Birang.)
USA. Boston, MA. 2004. Democratic National Convention.
LIBYA.  Zawiyah. April 5, 2011.  Workers clear the ashes of burned documents from the basement of a police
USA. Rochester, New York. 2012. Woman outside House of Mercy.
Libya, Eastern Libya, Benghazi-Ashdabija Road, 3/2011. Libyan Government forces destroyed by first wave of
Zarzis, Tunisia, April 2011
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