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Liberian Native from Waist Up
Torso of Young Cameroon Woman
USA. New York City. Harlem. 1966. East 100th Street.
Border of Impunity: Felani is not the last . . .
SYRIA. Palmyra / Tadmor. 1 April 2016. Inside the historic town of Palmyra, retaken from IS by Syrian Arab Army.
LIBYA. September 17, 2011.
LIBYA. September 17, 2011.
Michael Christopher Brown
LIBYA. September 17, 2011.
LIBYA. September 17, 2011. ©Michael Christopher Brown/Magnum Photos/Autograph Media
TUNISIA, Cartagine.
The transport of jungle wood in the forestry region of Mandji.
HAITI. Saut d'Eau. 1985.
CUBA, 2008. Malecon, Havana.
USA. New York City. 2005. Sports.
CUBA. Havana. Street scene.
USA. 1999. Newborn African-American baby.
CUBA. Havana. 1994.
Mali. Severi. The mosque and 2 boys on their way to the medersa, the Koranic school.
Port-au-Prince. 1992. La Saline worker's back.
MAURITIUS: fashion story with Marpessa
TANZANIA. The Selous Game Reserve. Thermal spring. Guide Edson Kahangi cools off. 2009
Dominica island, men resting in the Carib Indian reservation
CUBA. 2008.
CUBA, 1994. Sierra Maestra. Preparing a pig for roasting in a farmer's home in the woods.
SOUTH AFRICA. Cape Town. 2005. Ex-prisoner Tokkie smokes Tik (Methamphetamine).
UGANDA. 1980.
USA, New York: Gay Parade, (c) Ferdinando Scianna/Magnum Photos
USA. New Orleans, Louisiana. 2006. Many Evacuees returned for Mardi Gras weekend to the 9th and 7th wards
USA. NYC. September 7-15, 2004. Fashion Week. Bryant Park, an 8-acre park in New York City, has been tempo
USA. South Carolina. 1981.
CHAD. May 2006. A Sundanese Liberation Army (SLA) fighter shows the wounds he sustained from a beating by
Uganda. Awach. 2008.  Ronald Okello tends to his chickens purchased with a small grant given to him by an
USA. Miami, Florida. 1970. Muhammad ALI training at Chris Dundee's Fifth Street Gym in Miami Beach.
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