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Michel Gallin-Douathe [& Wife]
Denzel Washington [& Wife]
Augustin Guillaume [& Wife]
Wife of Cheever, Comanche
Lone Wolf And Wife
Cuba Gooding, Jr. [& Wife]
Leopold Senghor [& Wife]
Freed Slave and Wife
Asake Bomani;Danny Glover [& Wife]
Gandhi And His Wife
Gandhi And His Wife
Mondadori Portfolio
Gandhi And His Wife
The Mahatma Gandhi posing next to his wife Kasturba. India, 1915 (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty...
Milton B Allen And Wife
Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola [& Wife]
Kenneth D. Kaunda [& Wife]
Asake Bomani;Danny Glover [& Wife]
Kenneth D. Kaunda [& Wife]
Marianne Wiggins;Salman Rushdie [& Wife]
Don Letts And Wife Audrey
Denzel Washing and wife Pauletta Washington
Benjamin F. Jr. Chavis [& Wife #2]
Crown Prince Asfa Wassen And Wife
Portrait of Mohammed Ali and His Wife
Betty Mabry;Jimi Hendrix [Death];Miles Davis [& wife #2]
Halima Bourokba, wife of Algerian Presid
Wife of slain Guinea-Bissau president Jo
Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia, and his wife
Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings (L), wife of Ghana's
African American Wife of sharecropper, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Aisha Al Megrahi, wife of convicted Lock
Jawaharlal Nehru [& Wife];Indira Gandhi;John F. Kennedy [& Wife]
Graca Machel-Mandela, the wife of former
KIng Baudouin of Belgium and his wife Queen Fabiol
Mrs Bokassa, wife of Jean Bedel Bokassa, president
Black Panthers' Richard Moore, his wife Iris, and Afeni Shak
Mrs Lyndon B. Johnson, wife of the American Vice P
1950. Portrait of Pakistan Premier Liaquat Ali Khan with his wife.
Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presi...
The wife of a Benin chief displays her body decorations
King Baudouin of Belgium and his wife Qu
A Basotho husband and wife walk back to their vill
PW Botha and his wife, Elize Botha
Ossie Davis and his wife, actress Ruby Dee, at their Westche
Liberian President Charles Taylor (R) and his wife
Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King's wife, 20th century, United States, New York, Schomburg Center.
Doreen Rita (C), the wife of Sri Lankan
Nontsikelelo 'Ntsikie' Biko (L) wife of South Afri
Wife of Black Panther With Friend at Court
President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and his wife
IND, India, Mangalore: Moslems wifes, who are locked up in the house by their common husband
Mehta, Zubin - Conductor, India - with his wife, the American actress Nancy Kovack in Hamburg
Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr Meets His Dive School Instructor's Troubled Wife Gwen (
Idi Amin and his first wife Mariam
Idi Amin and his first wife Mariam
Idi Amin and his first wife Mariam
Wife of Malcolm X, Mrs. Betty Shabazz, stands in front row d
James Earl Jones, his wife Cecilia, and son, Flynn, arrive a
ANC leader Walter Sisulu and his wife, Albertina
Walter Sisulu and wife Albertina after his release from prison
Walter Sisulu and wife Albertina after his release from prison
Kenneth Blackburn [& Wife]
Traditional healer Gbeko Agnhenuh Ajeoda and his wife outside the Accra football stadium.
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