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Smiling Bishop
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Desmond Tutu at his residence
GRENADA. St. George. 1979. A protester carries a poster of Rupert Bishop, father of Maurice Bishop, during
Anti-apartheid hero, Bishop Desmond Tutu in the Grahamstown Cathedral
Bishop Desmond Tutu Speaking at Mass Funeral
Bishop Desmond Tutu Speaking at Mass Funeral
Gille de Vlieg
Bishop Desmond Tutu Speaking at Mass Funeral
Bishop Desmond Tutu speaking against 'necklacing' at mass funeral held shortly after the 21st July 1985...
Bishop Desmond Tutu addresses members of the Bakwena BaMogopa
Political Personalities, pic: 12th August 1977, Bishop Abel Muzorewa the African Nationalist leader speaking at a London conference on Rhodesia
J. C. Aglionby, the bishop of Accra with converted indigenous people. They were converted to Christianity. Photograph. Around 1935.
ETHIOPIA. Addis Ababa. Bishops of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church outside Trinity Cathedral, where the Emper
Bishop Desmond Tutu speaks against Apartheid Detention without trial in Khotso House
Bishop Magopa, Nelson Mandela, Chief Buthelezi and Archbishop Tutu, at Peace Meeting
Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu cries after Peter Gabriel sang the Biko song
GRENADA. St. George. 1979. A protest procession commemorates the death of Rupert Bishop, Maurice Bishop's
GRENADA. St. George. 1979. Prime Minister Maurice BISHOP.
Nelson Mandela at Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu's house
GRENADA. St. George. 1979. Graffiti celebrates Maurice Bishop's New Jewel Movement.
Rt. Rev. Allan Rogers; Lord Bishop of Mauritius; and his wife in Toronto. His diocese streches from
African American Baptismal Ceremony
Accompanied by laughing Cameroonian Bish
Mayor Tom Bradley And Desmond Tutu
The Liberation of Prisoner Walter Sisulu
Zimbabwe Conference
Pope John Paul II (L) says farewell to S
Desmond Tutu
Funeral For Murdered Teenager Anthony Walker Held
Mamie Bradley Weeping at Arrival of Slain Son
Newly wedded Malawian President Bingu wa
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Politics London, England.1979. Britian and leaders of Rhodesia's parties sign the historic Cease-fire and Constitutional Agreement at Lancaster House. L-R, Deputy of the Salisbury Delegation Doctor Mu
St John's Diocese
Alexander Walters
Jury for the Emmett Till Trial
Converts Passing The Church Choir
France. Arles. 2012. After mass at the Eglise Saint Trophime, on the Place de la République. A laying on
Anti-Tutu protest (organised by police) outside St Mary's Cathedral
Mother Teresa Being Photographed While Walking
Desmond Tutu
Charles Engelhard Donated R70 000 to the Catholic Church to Establish a Community Centre in Johannesburg
Yeddu Mutyalu
Rest In Peace
Portraits of commitment
Scene During Passover Services
The Emancipation Day Parade Goes Down Pennsylvania Ave.
Pope John Paul II and South African Pres
Cameroonian faithful perform during the
Martin Luther King Speaking Outside White House
Seven Men;Suspected Communists;W.E.B.Dub
The American Cinematheque Award presentation honoring Denzel Washington
Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo presents his a
Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo presents his a
Excommunicated Zambian Roman Catholic ar
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