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Blindfolded terrorists captured by India
Social History People. Asia. Dacca, East Pakistan. pic: circa 1971. Blindfolded and with hands tied two prisoners, (allegedley former East Pakistani policemen) are led through Dacca and to jail by a g
15th October 1973. 34 Israeli soldiers taken prisoners by Syrians are carried away on trucks. Their hands are bound and they are blindfolded to be presented to the International Press.
Dog Balancing on Wires in Show in South Africa
Michael Christopher Brown
LIBYA. TRIPOLI. 2011. Blindfold used by Government fighters on Revolutionaries. At an Internal Security...
SYRIA. Al-Malikiyak (Kurdish: Derek). Fighters belonging to Islamic State captured from YPG.
IRAQ. Kirkuk. 2015. Wakaz Mohammed Hassan Mutashar, an ISIS prisoner in an ASAISH,
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