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Tibetan refugee who carried his pet dog
Latin Images
Bushmen Carrying Firewood
UK - Notting Hill Carnival - Parading in dalmation costumes
UK - London - Newham - A dog watches his owner eating a take-away
Entertainment / Music. Personalities. pic: 22nd August 1960. British singing star Shirley Bassey pictured on the beach at Bournemouth with her pet poodle. Shirley Bassey, born 1937 and raised in Cardi
A Man And His Dog
Pianist And Poodle
Liberation War 1971
Liberation War 1971
Mohammad Shafi
Liberation War 1971
Dog and jackal feast on the dead body of a woman, killed by Pakistani military, in Jessore, Bangladesh....
Tiger Tamer
Two African American children with a dog in Georgia
A family carries their belongings throug
A Bushman throwing his spear at a winded
Bombsite brick Lane 1980
Riots And Looting Continues Across London
Liberation War 1971
Snow Dogs
Roger Wilkins Plays With a Wagon
Toddlers with Puppies
Hunters With Dead Hippopotamus
Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie
John Drew
Guard Dog Training
Guard Dog Training
South African Woman with German Shepherd
Dog Balancing on Wires in Show in South Africa
Obama On The South Lawn
Photo of Billie HOLIDAY
Photo of Billie HOLIDAY
Boy With Puppy
Girl With Comic Book In Store
Freedom Riders Arriving in Jackson, Mississippi
Inmate Guide Dog Training
These strangers are family now, Old Home
Birmingham Protest
African American children living in poverty
African-American child of sharecropper family
Dorothy Dandridge With Dog
Easy Money
A Woman And Her Dog
Huey Newton Holding Floating Dog Harness
Robeson And Dog
Tabsoola Village
Stonetown In Mozambique -
Askaris at the hospital of Massaua
Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie
Laos - Community tourism - Life in an Akha hill tribe village
Bill Robinson Also Known As Bojangles
Laos - Community tourism - Life in an Akha hill tribe village
Siberian Teenagers Drinking Alcohol
Young Man Selling Puppies in Harlem
HAITI. Gonaives. 1975.
CUBA. 2002. Santiago de CUBA contact.
AFGHANISTAN. 1989. Soviet Withdrawal.
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