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Ibusa village. The Ibusa mask is a meeting point of the spirits that dwell in the other world.
Fire takes away their belongings
RWA: Memories Of Genocide
Lack Of Clean Water Plagues Africa
Shanties gutted in the city
Shanties gutted in the city
Shanties gutted in the city
Munem Wasif
Shanties gutted in the city
Shanties breaking out in fire are not unusual. But on Friday it took devastating proportions burning...
G.B. ENGLAND. [City/town. Sample caption. Year.]
Bevölkerung Benin
Children in Chicago
Malikeleli Masia (74), a beneficiary of
Malikeleli Masia (74), a beneficiary of
Pakistan Independence
USA; New York; Harlem: boys playing basketball - 1970
President Roosevelt And Prime Minister Churchill
Girl In Front Of A Traditional House In Tamil Nadu, India -
Chettinad House Keys In India -
Ida B. Wells Housing Project
Mohammed Ali Jinnah
Villages flee their hamlet of Kotiyagala in Sri La
Sri Lanka In December, 2004 -
USA - Gang Sign Culture in Los Angeles
Mali, 1928, Centenary of the first Frenchman's entry in Timbuktoo, Lieutenant-governor of French Sudan
Allied Soldier With A Bee Hive
'4 MI': Tananarive's Homeless
'4 MI': Tananarive's Homeless
Ganive, The African Venice On December 1st, 1991 In Benin
Shacks in South Africa
JAN 1981, FEB 2 1982; Kate, 87, wife of the Oglala Sioux chief Fools Crow, sit in front of a tapestr
Inner Face
African American Gardener Clearing Leaves In Fine Savannah House, Georgia, USA, July 1983
The House - A Mississippi Family Portrait
A Tennessee Farmhouse
A Mississippi Family Portrait
South Africa - Crime - Walls of fear
Haiti - Climate Change - A city, devastated by flooding
UK - London - David Lammy MP outside his old family home in Tottenham
A Bengali Aristocratic Palace In Calcutta, India In 1991 -
A Bengali Aristocratic Palace In Calcutta, India In 1991 -
Tupac Shakur And Tim Roth In 'Gridlock'd'
A homeless Pakistan survivor sits amongs
Riot Damage
1950. Portrait of Pakistan Premier Liaquat Ali Khan with his wife.
Visiting Queen Elizabeth II with Pres. Rajendra Pr
Mother And Baby
Leslie King
Troubled Juvenile Justice System in Indian Country
Vivica Fox And Jada Pinkett In 'Set It Off'
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