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About Us

Autograph Media is the new photography licensing agency specialising in all aspects of race and cultural diversity throughout history.


Our ever-growing collection covers a wide range of historic and contemporary subjects from the abolition of slavery to the recent refugee crisis. It offers the opportunity to discover images and stories of the most influential people in music, film, sport, TV and youth culture.


We curate this collection from established photographers and content partners worldwide with dedication and passion, to offer only the most relevant and powerful search returns.


Coupled with the depth of the archive, our rediscovered and alternative stories offer new perspectives for customers across all media.


Autograph ABP, a charity supported by Arts Council England is the parent company of Autograph Media. Since 1988, Autograph ABP has collaborated with artists, collectors, curators and institutions across the globe to explore issues of cultural difference, social justice and identity politics. 


Our relationship with Autograph ABP offers our content partners and photographers the potential opportunity for inclusion in future exhibitions, publishing projects and educational programs. 

© Franklyn Rodgers / Autograph ABP